How can you use social media to earn money?

Social media is a very good way of advertising. If you have some followers on twitter, or on Instagram, there you can market your products.

Youtube earns you money, if your channel is monetized. For which you need more than 1,000 subscribers and more than 40,000 hours of viewed video, before than you don’t earn any money from videos and everyone always says that it is hardest to get your first 1,000 subscribers, then it’s easier.

On discord, reddit and telegram, if your server/channel/reddit is popular advertisers may pay you to advertise things.

On Instagram you can also get paid to do sponsored posts.

Twitch earns you money from the 30 second ads that the viewers get, subs, bits and gifted subs.

Cambridge Analytics

In 2016, in secret, a company called the Cambridge Analytics was hired by Donald Trump, to manipulate people into voting for him (like they’ve done before in many different countries: Nigeria, Kenya, Czech Republic, Mexico, Maylasia, Barazi, India and Argentina.)  

The Cambridge Analytica is the largest and most significant political consultancy in the world. To the public, the Cambridge Analytica was known as a company which was in support of free and fair elections. The way that the Cambridge Analytica influenced votes, was they gathered personal information(illegally) and used a machine to analyze all the information, to target people with things that might interest them, depending on their interests. They don’t only consider people’s interests, but also their fears, what they are concerned about. 

 Facebook shouldn’t be the one to blame Cambridge Analytica was already doing this before Facebook even got involved. One of Facebook’s mistakes in this situation was not informing its users of their data being harvested by a third party (when they found out that the information was being used). Facebook didn’t know that the information about Facebook users was being kept by the Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have used the information for “academic resources”, which was just a lie.  

To show that it is used for academic reasons they went under the name of something else, so it would be impossible to trace this back to Cambridge Analytica 

It was a very thought-out and smart idea. People love doing quizzes! People do quizzes for themselves and for the fun of it. There are so many online that they wouldn’t notice that information on the quizzes was being used for a political scheme. 

“Rules don’t matter for them. For them, this is a war, and it’s all fair.” 

-Christopher Wylie, whistleblower of Cambridge Analytics 

Fake news can really change a demographic, because if they are targeted with information that is particularly important to them, then their mind will change. If I am a doctor, and I get an ad saying, “Boris Johnson is lowering everybody’s wages in the medical department”, I wouldn’t want to support Boris Johnson AT ALL! 

On 11th of April 2018, Marc Zuckerberg (owner of Facebook) faced the US Congress. In which he was asked. Over 2 days, 10 hours he answered about 600 question about everything that Facebook might’ve been involved in, to do with the Cambridge Analytica.  

The channel 4 undercover documentary “the great hack”, is a detailed and useful documentary. The channel 4 put a lot of effort into it and proved that what they were saying, was true. Caught in 4K. People got to see what Cambridge Analytic really like, that all they weren’t to do is lead people on to believe the wrong the wrong things and vote for the “right” leader. 

When the Kenya election was happening, it was found out that 90% of the news was fake! This means, that Uhuru Kenyata, won unfairly, and caused wars, because of the election.  

During the US campaign, they took 2 rounds of surveys (in each one there were 500, 000 responses). They staged all the campaigns, wrote all the lines.  

The Cambridge Analytica wasn’t the only company that interfiled with the 2016 US elections to make Trump president. Vladimir Putin and Russian hackers were also involved. What they did was very extreme. In the summer of 2016, they managed to hack and steal Hillary Clinton’s email and post to the public her emails and made fake accounts to spread false information. Putin “aspired to help president-elect Trump’s election chances when possible, by discrediting secretary Clinton and publicly contrasting her unfavorably to him”. The hackers plan was to spread distrust towards Hilary Clinton.  

Some of the sources that I used: 

Channel 4 documentary 

BBC (about the whistleblower) 

Westminster times (about the US Congress) 

The history of Russia’s 2016 election meddling in 4 minutes 

Why women should be allowed to carry around self defence (in the UK)

Being a woman in the UK this is an issue that I’ve started thinking about a lot, from that time a 33 year old woman was murdered by a policeman. Let’s be honest the UK isn’t a safe place, whatever anybody tells you.

Private and public school parents are speaking up about having cases of sexual harassment( and sexual assault) and rape. The parents are speaking up about this because school are ignoring them. The best mixed private school in London (Latymer Upper school) were the first to be found guilt of not reporting more than 7,000 cases. One girl said that she was raped by her ex 3 times in one day. The Times wrote an article about this : Other private schools were also accused of this, for example High gate school, and Westminster sixth form.

I think that women everywhere should be allowed to carry self defense, as it is a fact that only 3% of all women weren’t sexually harassed or raped. This is very sad and not OK. Also girls from the age of 7 are noticing that grown men are catcalling them, or acting sexually towards them. My friend was catcalled by a man, who took the time to stop his speeding car and cat call her. I was filmed on the underground by a man, who was pretending to be sleeping.

This is a topic that should be talked more about. This is very sexist and people believe that it’s the women’s’ faults for getting sexually harassed.

There was an idea to put out a curfew for men, to not go out past 10 pm, so women would be more safe. But men protested against this saying “This is not our fault. The women should get the curfew. Not us!”. Boys and men should be educated to not do this to women. At the moment girls are being told what not to wear to not get sexually harassed. “Don’t wear that skirt”, “Don’t wear that shirt”, but as women realised, you could be wearing anything, any length, any color, they aren’t safe.

The news about a woman getting murdered by a policeman., shows that anyone can do it, to any woman. It scares women from from being in uncrowded places, going outside alone, and going outside in general. At least this sad story started a very important conversation.

the fact that i am even writing a blog about this topic, is heartbreaking to me. The fact that women have to protect themselves shows a lot about our modern society.


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What are the pros and cons of the government opening schools (again)?

I am a student in England, so I have first hand experience in this. This is the 2nd time that they are opening schools. Hopefully, that this is the last time that they were closed.


  • Education is starting. But the school system is going to find it very hard to catch up on a year of education. Some people are even saying, that next year we are going to stay in the year that we are currently in (which will mess up EVERYTHING)
  • Schools have to open at one point, the longer that they are closed the harder it is to catch up with the ever hardening UK school curriculum.


  • We are still wearing masks, and we have to follow even more Covid restrictions, with also having 2/3 Covid tests a week. that seems like a lot of effort and money has been put into this. Still no one really takes Covid that serious, and some classmates are having big gatherings on weekends.
  • You still don’t get the full school experience. You can’t see your friends, can’t participate in clubs and some lessons have been moved to a different classroom ( to stay in the bubble), which isn’t too convenient.
  • All of our lessons have to be connected to zoom, as there are students who are staying in isolation. It takes a very long time to connect to zoom, as whiteboards switch off or cameras break. As there are people on zoom, teachers are faced with an extra challenge of having to teach the class and zoom. But most of the time, they just connect to zoom (the teachers) and ignore the students on zoom unless they raise their hand. I have a feeling that those students aren’t learning anything!
  • (This point would happen either way) Everybody has lost interest to learn anything. All uniform rules are being broken. Many people forgot how to communicate with real life people (including me!)
  • In science, we can’t do practicals, as they aren’t Covid safe.
  • We still ave to do tests, even though, nobody’s leant anything (so that will be stressful)

#1 part of my money plan

(This the series where I try to earn money through the power of social media)

What’s happening so far

  • I am brainstorming ideas
  • Searching for websites

Editing job

I really want to become a video editor (in my free time). Like really badly. I think that it will be very fun and enjoying. Do I plan on making my own channel? Yes (but I won’t show my face). Debating on whether to buy a payed app or download an app. How do you even find jobs on YouTube. There are sites, like fiverr, where I can find a job.

Selling crochet patterns

This is a very cool idea. But I’ve never written a crochet pattern, and it’s very appealing and easy to steal from a magazine (but I will get copyrighted. Right?). I think that amigurimi will sell well.

Social media

I set up reddit (even started my own subreddit r/yarnsociety). Thinking of posting on Youtube. Set up 3 Instagram accounts. Re-downloaded discord.

Is having an Etsy business really worth it?

(Note: I am not against crochet businesses. Do what you want to do. And I don’t only mean etsy, just a crochet business in general)

I, personally don’t think that crochet businesses are worth it

Pros of a crochet business:

  • It is a unique craft that not everyone can do
  • You are doing what you love
  • You can get a very high profit, for things that are quick and easy to make


  • Takes a lot of time
  • Competitive
  • Won’t always get orders
  • Have to make your own patterns

Have a good day!

What are the things stopping teens form getting out there and earning money

  • Firstly, I think that making money isn’t really spoken about in some families
  • Teens don’t know where to start, as they can’t find a job in cafes and restaurants, but online there are only a couple of websites where you can make money without having to pay for anything, or selling something
  • They feel that by working they are missing out on things with their friends, and wasting time
  • Too much school work. It is very annoying and bad for mental health of students to set a lot of homework. About 19% of high school students struggle from mental illness. And not speaking about it only makes it get worse, ecpecially if you are raised in a family where they don’t believe that you can even have a mental illness. ” You just don’t have friends”, “You need to relax” “Get off that phone”, they all say all of those things apart from doing the right thing and getting you a therapist.

In my opinion i think that teens should be encouraged to make money, as it helps them in the future, and makes them stop relying on their parent’s money to support them, but getting out there and supporting themselves. I know how hard it is to find a way to make money as a teen, as there are age restrictions EVERYWHERE! As Ru Paul said “Good Luck and don’t FUCK IT UP!!!!!”

Have a good day!